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Welcome Delegates

Please register for courses on each individual day, mornings and afternoons unless otherwise stated.

There are no Officer Sessions / Courses on Thursday as we will be holding the AGM.


Register for two of these half day courses. Course content is the same in morning/afternoon


Two 2 Day Courses. (Register today for both days, do not register any Wednesday courses)

The others two Courses content are the same for both morning and afternoon


Day 2 of Traffic Stop Safety and Mental Health 1st Aid (Do Not Register for any other courses today)

Other Courses content is the same for both morning/afternoon

Event Event Date Capacity Registered Available place Register
Native Awareness & Diversity - 0800 Hrs - Ballroom B 2023-02-08 8:00 am 25 25 0

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

Security Threat Group & Gang Information - 0800 Hrs - Pyramid A 2023-02-08 8:00 am 25 19 6

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Native Awareness & Diversity - 1300 Hrs - Ballroom B 2023-02-08 1:00 pm 25 15 10
Security Threat Group & Gang Information - 1300 Hrs - Pyramid A 2023-02-08 1:00 pm 25 25 0
DRILL SESSION - 1600 Hrs - Pyramid B 2023-02-08 4:00 pm Unlimited 4


AACPO Annual General Meeting

Senior Managers & Chief Administrative Officer’s Session – AACPO and JSG Peace Officer Program. (Restricted to CAO’s and Sr. Managers/Directors only) FREE

Event Event Date Capacity Registered Available place Register
CAO/Manager Training (FREE) - 1300 Hrs - Ballroom C 2023-02-09 1:00 pm Unlimited 24


Officer Update and Auditor Presentation – Peace Officer Program staff


Event Event Date Capacity Registered Available place Register
Officer Update and Auditor/Investigations Unit - 0900 Hrs - Ballroom B 2023-02-10 9:00 am Unlimited 62