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Intro to Diversity/ Cultural Competency

In this session the participants will learn how diversity impacts their role as peace officers and also gain more of a broader understanding of how becoming more culturally competent can positively impact their day to day lives. Throughout the session participants will also be encouraged to analyze stereotypes and personal biases and assumptions. Since we all operate with particular biases and assumptions it is critical that we take the time to reflect and engage in dialogue in order to increase our self-awareness and to facilitate and enhance cultural competency. Our hope is that this session will provide the participants with a comfortable learning environment and also generate lots of discussion. The facilitators will also create an interactive and engaging space to set the tone for an amazing week ahead.

Hate Hurts

This half day training will equip you with the tools and capacity to deliver workshops one-two hours in length with youth in your school or broader community. This training will provide you with an enhanced understanding of diversity and hate/bias as well as competencies to effectively respond to hate. A key component of the workshop will be to engage and empower our youth and/or community members as an approach to fostering discussion and awareness of hate and its impacts. Since the reporting of these types of crimes and/or incidents are low ( approx. 80 % going unreported ) we hope that through education and awareness that we can encourage members of our communities to feel more comfortable reporting to the appropriate authorities.

Native Awareness Training

Walter Macdonald White Bear’s facilitation skills- comes from a place of spirit channelled through heart-felt music, personal stories and traditional teachings that have been passed on by sweat lodge holders and pipe carriers. He has been sharing cultural teachings that he has acquired over the past 25 years from a variety of teachers of Cree, Blackfoot, Ojibwa, Odawa, Saulteaux and Métis’ Nations ancestry.
He speaks about the power of choice, compassion for all worldviews and the “special gift “ that all human beings were born with.
Walter also highlights the effect of lateral violence and internalized oppression and how colonization has had a powerful impact with sharing the traditional Aboriginal worldview.
certificate of completion in accordance with accreditation standards within Alberta.


Understanding and Supporting our LGBTQ2+ Community is a presentation facilitated by Mason Jenkins and Nicholas Moore. This presentation explores LGBTQ2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Two Spirit) issues, particularly those relating to youth. Through stories, activities and discussions, participants build awareness of issues facing LGBTQ2+ people, enhance their comfort and skills to support/serve LGBTQ2+ clients and provides tools to ensure your workplace is a safe and comfortable place to identify as LGBTQ2+.


Course to be announced. It will continue to be with the Diversity theme.

BrownLee Barristers and SolicitorsMarijuana; What's Hiding in the Weeds

Lawyers from Brownlee LLP will be in attendance to provide direction and insights for municipalities with the impending legalization of marijuana. They will provide useful strategies and tips for officers to take back to their municipalities to better prepare themselves for this change in law.


Government Of AlbertaSolicitor General Update

A representative from the Solicitor General’s office will be present to discuss current concerns, future initiatives and to answer any questions officers or agencies may have.

Lazenby Inquiry Update
Dr. Dawn RAULT will be in attendance to discuss the Rod LAZENBY murder inquiry. She will provide insights into the process and recommendations that stands from the inquiry.


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