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Lethbridge Police have implemented a smartphone solution that integrates with their Niche Records Management system that revolutionizes the way the front line operates.  The solution, Smart Squad, was implemented in late 2015 and is creating dividends by providing officer & clerk efficiencies, decreasing data entry errors and increasing officer safety.  It is also helping Lethbridge meet the increasing demands on Police based upon the Jordan decision.  The functionality that Smart Squad provides officers in Lethbridge includes the following:

- Mobile RMS, CPIC & PIP Searching

- Officer Note Taking

- Report Writing and Tasking

- Location Awareness

- Electronic Citations

- Secure Instant Messaging

Lethbridge has partnered with the team that developed Smart Squad, and are working together on several exciting additions in 2019 that we intend to share. 

Shawn Rehill Bio

Shawn has over 20 years of information management and technology experience with 10 years focused within law enforcement.  He has worked both for technology companies and police agencies, and has leveraged that knowledge to grow the team that develops Smart Squad, a smartphone solution for police.  His goal is to enhance public safety operations through effective use technology.

Niels Vroegindewey Bio

Niels is a seasoned police officer with almost a decade of law enforcement experience. He started with the Calgary Police Service as a general duty officer, before moving on to the Lethbridge Police Service where continued to work in general duty and the downtown policing unit.   

His prior experience managing the development of an oil and gas enterprise risk management software made him the perfect person for the Smart Squad project coordinator role. 

He works closely with John Peters and the IT team to increase operational time on the street and reduce administrative overhead using the Smart Squad mobile application.

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