E-Bikes for Peace Oficers

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E-Bikes for Peace Oficers

Post by Christopher_Terry »

Hello All,

I am putting a proposal together for E-Bikes for the City of Edmonton Park Rangers. I am just reaching out to see if any other agencies have already implemented E-Bikes and if so would you be willing to share any proposals or ideas on why E-bikes are an effective tool?

Please email me at christopher.terry@edmonton.ca.

Thank you

Chris Terry
City of Edmonton
Peace Officer Section
Citizen Services I Community Standards and Neighbourhoods
Email christopher.terry@edmonton.ca
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Re: E-Bikes for Peace Oficers

Post by Anthony_Kimakowich »

Hello Chris,

I know Slave Lake has them. They brought them to a LEBA Course in July this year. Might be worth giving them a call or sending them an email.

Anthony Kimakowich
Inspector, NAIT Protective Services
Peace Officer (Casual), UAlberta Protective Services
Owner AK Security & Consulting Ltd
AACPO Executive
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Re: E-Bikes for Peace Oficers

Post by Eric_Christensen »


Sent you an email. We use e-bikes here in the Town of Olds and City of Wetaskiwin has one e-bike.

Sgt. Eric Christensen
Town of Olds
AACPO Executive
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Re: E-Bikes for Peace Oficers

Post by Mark_Becker »

Please see the attached pics of the Slave Lake Peace Officer ebikes. We purchased two, dual battery Biktrix Juggernaut Dual Hub HD with a 150 km battery range. Its speed with peddle assist is around 46-48 km per hour(with the governor) . I had these bikes equipped with the ALERTE police bicycle red and blue strobes all around with a siren that came from the states. The are fast, quiet, robust and served us very well in the LEBA course. They pricy but well worth it.

Mark Becker
Senior Peace Officer
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