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Alberta Municipal Health & Safety Association

Leadership and Safety Excellence (4 Modules)


Module 1: Supervisor’s Role

This module will help supervisors understand that they have a key role in the successful implementation of their municipal health and safety management system. Topics include where health and safety responsibilities fit, a supervisor’s safety related tasks, legislated responsibilities, and corporate culture. Also included will be a review of the OH&S Act, Regulation and Code as well as an exercise working with the legislation.

Module 2: Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control

Potential and actual hazards associated with all the work that is done must be identified and evaluated to determine the risk to workers. If the evaluation reveals that more must be done to protect workers, controls must be implemented. This module helps the supervisor understand his or her role and how to carry it out.

Module 3: Inspections

This module will help the supervisor conduct effective work site inspections. Participants will learn the difference between hazard assessment and inspections, and then what to look for during the inspection, how to interpret what is seen, how to document findings and how to develop appropriate recommendations, and how to apply legislative minimum requirements. Also included will be a review of the OH&S Act, Regulation and Code as well as an exercise working with the legislation.

Module 4: Investigations
The investigation of incidents by supervisors is an integral part of an effective health and safety management system. This module will teach supervisors when to do investigations and what steps to follow

Working Alone

This course is intended to explain how the occupational health and safety legislation addresses workers who work alone, and offer an effective process for ensuring compliance. It will assist the participant in developing the tools necessary to recognize situations in which workers work alone and the hazards related to those working alone situations. Participants will also learn how to evaluate risks, develop strategies to control them, and ensure that appropriate communication systems for workers who work alone are in place. Course includes classroom instruction, group discussions, exercises and an exam. Recommended for workers, supervisors, safety coordinators, and managers.

OH&S Lessons Learned from MD of Foothills

Special Guest CPO Sergeant Darlene Roblin with the MD of Foothills will be attending to discuss the impact and the response, as it pertains to Health and Safety requirements, to CPO Rod Lazenby’s on duty death. This will give strong insight and bring context to the lessons learned from the day’s previous sessions. This presentation will look at the protocols developed and implemented by Foothills Patrol, including the development of more comprehensive Job Hazard Assessments as well as drafting and implementing Standard Operating Procedures that directly relate to topics that include: Communications, Emergency Scenes, Encountering Criminal Activity, General Officer Safety, Patrol Vehicles / Vehicle Operations, Private Property Site Inspections, Traffic Enforcement, Weapons/Tools/Equipment and other safety-related topics.

BrownLee Barristers and SolicitorsMarijuana; What's Hiding in the Weeds

Lawyers from Brownlee LLP will be in attendance to provide direction and insights for municipalities with the impending legalization of marijuana. They will provide useful strategies and tips for officers to take back to their municipalities to better prepare themselves for this change in law.


Government Of AlbertaSolicitor General Update

A representative from the Solicitor General’s office will be present to discuss current concerns, future initiatives and to answer any questions officers or agencies may have.



University Of Calgary


Lazenby Inquiry Update

Dr. Dawn RAULT will be in attendance to discuss the Rod LAZENBY murder inquiry. She will provide insights into the process and recommendations that stands from the inquiry.





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