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CKetto RYUTSS Control Tactics Training (Control Tactics and Survival Skills)

The content of the course includes officer safety and subject control tactics concepts mainly identified by PPCT Management Inc/Warrior Science Group and includes a reality based Knife Defense Program.

The CTSS program is a compilation of techniques and Skills that Shawn Baker a traditional martial arts master of over 25 years, has learned from training with use of force experts from all over the world, his many years of experience as a Law Enforcement Officer and as an Officer Safety Instructor for Alberta Justice This course is a total of 40 hours in duration.

It also includes a reality-based self-defence from a subject control tactics system called Intercept Stabilize and Resolve(ISR). The course will also include ground fighting techniques from the martial art of Ju-Jutsu adapted for use by Law Enforcement Offices and Security Professionals. All these techniques have been adapted to be used in real world confrontations.

OC recert will be offered outside of normal class hours during the week to ensure officers are fully certified in defence tactics. Details to follow.


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