PARE/COPAT/SOPAT/POPAT Testing and Practice - Nov/Dec Dates

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PARE/COPAT/SOPAT/POPAT Testing and Practice - Nov/Dec Dates

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Our November and December dates are up and we still have space in our last 2 November dates if you are in need of PARE, COPAT, SOPAT or POPAT testing and certification. Alberta Sheriff's are hiring right now for experienced CPO's and there is also a posting open for FISH & WILDLIFE if you are in need!!

Our dedicated facility will provide you with expert coaching, tips and motivation to pass that fitness test!

Nov 19- 12-4pm - PARE, COPAT, POPAT
Nov 27 12-4pm - PARE, COPAT, POPAT
Dec 8 - 6-9pm - PARE, COPAT
Dec 11 - 1-5pm - PARE, COPAT, POPAT
Dec 18 - 4-7pm PARE, COPAT
Dec 21 - 6-9pm - PARE, COPAT,

Register here -

You can also find all our classes and workshops that we host on our website too!
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