32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

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32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by Jennifer_Anch »


The County of Wetaskiwin is looking to host an Animal Field Safety Certification through Maverick Dog Works, owned by Nikeae Michalchuk. Nikeae comes very well reviewed with over 20 years of experience as a Peace Officer and in Animal Behaviour and Handling. The course is tentatively scheduled from June 26-29, 2023 in Wetaskiwin County and there are 7 spaces available. Please contact me with interest.

As referenced from Maverick Dog Works Course Description
This is a 32 - hour animal field safety & investigations course designed specifically for officers identified as first responders to aggressive animal incidents, and who are responsible for enforcing animal legislation within the community. This course will provide an advanced skill set in
interpreting & responding appropriately to animal behavior and utilizing appropriate dog handling techniques with officer safety as priority.
This course is designed to train skills specific to appropriate interaction with animals in a building block sequence, and thus is identified as
“behavior based” training.

A major focus of the course will be on training officers to work through emergency response incidents as first responders involving aggressive dogs in the community and on private property.

This is an interactive practical course which requires students to be in good physical condition and be willing to take on physical and mental
challenges to overcome and de-escalate threatening/dangerous situations specific to aggressive dogs.
The course is knowledge and skill assessed and is evaluated with one written exam and three practical exams.

For students to successfully obtain certification, 85% or higher must be obtained on the written exam in addition to a duel (two) instructor PASS for the final practical exam. Employers will be provided with a letter of completion for each student.
A registered Certificate of Completion will be provided to each student upon successful completion of the class – valid for 3 years.
Course Goals
Upon successful completion of this course, officers will be able to:
1. Understand how animals (domestic companion dogs) communicate
2. Identify and interpret animal behavior sequences
3. Interact & respond appropriately/safely to animal behaviors they observe in the field
4. Demonstrate the ability to operate capture & control equipment correctly
5. Handle dogs safely/appropriately
6. Apply an incident response process to emergency situations involving aggressive dogs, and animals in distress
7. Calculate risk assessment specific to animal behavior, and the surrounding environment
8. Implement aggression classification within an animal investigation.

- Students must be appointed Peace Officer (Alberta Solicitor General, Municipal Government Act or equivalent in neighboring
- Hold valid Set Can, PPCT, Threat Pattern Recognition, Officer Safety Certification, or equivalent. (Must include baton)
- Be in good physical and mental condition.
- Ground fighting & edged weapons certification is desirable, but not required.
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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by MJ_Webster »

Hi. I have 2 Officers I would like to send. Is this going ahead?

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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by Dean_Young »

I'd be interested in sending staff as well.
Dean Young
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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by Jennifer_Anch »

Thank you for your interest, I have e-mailed both of you with more information.
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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by Joel_Mousseau »

Current CPOIP student in laclabish with a completion date of June 1 2023. With the end goal of animal control peace officer I would be interested as the more training I have for my desired career the better. Can you send me more information of the course ?
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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by Eric_Christensen »

What is the cost of the course? I may have 1 or 2 that may be interested in this course.

Sgt Eric Christensen
City of Beaumont
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Re: 32 Hour Animal Field Safety Certification

Post by George_Ferraby »

I have an officer I would like to send on this course. Can you please provide course cost.

Thank you,

Sgt. George Ferraby
Manager, Enforcement Services
MD of Greeenview No.16

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